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Dissertation Topics of MS-Economics & Finance

Batch 2016-17

Name of Student Topic Supervisor
Wajahat Rehman Impact of Government Revenue on Economic Growth of Pakistan Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Syed Taha Hashim Impact of Seaborne Trade on Growth of Transport Sector of Pakistan (2006 - 2017) Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Shabana Bano Exploring the relationship between tourism, terrorism and economic growth :( 1970-2016) analysis Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Syed Muhammad Asad An empirical analysis of economic growth, employment and poverty in SAARC countries Dr. Raza Ali Khan

Dissertation Topics of MS-Economics & Finance

Batch 2015-16

Name of Student Topic Supervisor
Hussnain Ajmal Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: A case of Banking Sector in Pakistan Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Maham Fatima Poor People "Know their Place": People's Voice and Escape from Poverty Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Maryam Nasir Economic Growth, FDI & Human Capital footprints: An Empirical Evidence from SAARC Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Roohi Bano Gender Discrimination: An Investigation of Public & Private Universities of Pakistan Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Rizwan Ansari Determinants of Growth in Consumer Banking in Pakistan Dr. Raza Ali Khan
Hussnain Younus Impact of Oil Price Volatility on Economic Growth of Pakistan Dr. Raza Ali Khan

Final Year Projects (FYP) of BS Economics and Finance

Batch 2019-20

Group No Name of Students Roll No. Title on Final Report Supervisor Co-Supervisor
EC_1 Nimra Yamin EC-19001 Understanding and exploring Green Finance in Pakistan Dr.Farhan Mr.Muhammad Naeem
  Laila Khaliq EC-19029    
  Syeda Muneeba AZeem Ali EC-19009    
  Maryam Sajid EC-19014    
EC_2 Maham Masood EC-19002 How Can Blockchain Facilitate the Tax/Administrative system of Pakistan Dr.Farhan Mr.Muhammad Naeem
  Fizza Haider EC-19003    
  Zainab Jalali EC-19033    
EC_3 Rutaba Saleem EC-19010 Comparative analysis of cash Crop and their role in food Security Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Ms.Maham Fatima
  Rabicca Faisal EC-19008    
  Ayesha Siddiqui EC-19043    
  Munazza Siddiqui EC-19044    
EC_4 Kissa Batool  EC-19011 Analysis of Investor Behavior: Evidence from Mutual Funds and Stock Market Dr.Raza Ali Khan Mr.Talha Ahmed Siddiqui
  Rida Fatima EC-19028    
  Nabiha Sheikh EC-19042    
  Syeda Rida Zafar EC-19046    
EC_5 M.Huzair EC-19051 Comparative Analysis of Energy Prices in Pakistan Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Dr.Shabbir Baqai
  Sumaiya Naseer EC-19012    
  M. Zeeshan Shaikh EC-19021    
  Shahreen Ahmed EC-19031    
EC_6 Areeba Noor EC-19035 Exploring ways to improve electronic payment system in Pak. Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr.Talha Qadeer
  Saad Siddiqui EC-19019    
  Fatima Salman EC-19036    
  Taha Ali Khan EC-19018    
EC_7 Aiman Tahir EC-19025 Analysis of Fiscal Space and Revenue Sources. Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Dr.Shabbir Baqai
  Afrah Akhlaq Ahmed EC-19026    
  Nimra Siddiqui EC-19066    
  Lamiah Dost Muhammad EC-19070    
EC_8 M. Huzaifa Khan (GL) EC-19059 Fintech Services and Encouragement Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr.Talha Qadeer
  Bareera Rehan EC-19039    
  Qurrat ul Ain EC-19027    
  Fatimah Salahuddin EC-19077    
EC_9 Khadija EC-19030 Comprehensive analysis of the tax amnesty scheme and its role in the Formal Economy in Pakistan Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal  
  Aqsa Saeed EC-09032    
  Azbiha Hashmi EC-19037    
EC_10 Dania Khan EC-19034 The Empirical analysis of food Inflation and Exchange rate Depreciation Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Ms.Maham Fatima
  Hiba Waqar EC-19038    
  Syeda Amna Binte Tariq EC-19045    
EC_11 Mohsin Rasool  EC-19048 Analysis of the Potential for Investment in PSX. Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr.Ahmer Aleem
  Zabindah Nizam EC-19069    
  Umaima Muneer EC-19071    
  Rimsha Urooj EC-19074    
EC_12 Moattar Asif  EC-19080 Water Scarcity & Water Availability in Megacities of Pakistan Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal  
  M. Bilal Asad EC-19076    
  Rabia Anwar EC-19073    
  Javaid Ahmed EC-19049    
EC_13 Syed M. Ahsan EC-19301 Assembly or Manufacturing Analysis of Automotive Industry in Pak. Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Ms.Maham Fatima
  Syed Zain Ul Abedeen EC-19058    
  M. Ameen Khan EC-19050    
  M. Akif Malik EC-19053    
EC_14 M.Usman Khan EC-19052 Analysis of Petoleum Prices Breakdown Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr.Talha Ahmed Siddiqui
  Syed M. Areez EC-19057    
  Sama Habib EC-19068    
  Khansa Khan EC-19072    
EC_15 Noman Elahi EC-19055 Investment optional in real estate market for low and Middle Income Individual Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr.Ahmer Aleem
  Safia Abdul Moin EC-19062    
  Maheen Iftikhar EC-18302    
EC_16 Faizan Ahmed Qadri EC-19067 Dynamics of Circular Debt in Energy Sector of Pakistan. Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Dr.Hina Mubeen
  Hiba Khan EC-19063    
  Maryam Rasheed EC-19061    
  Afreen Hassan EC-19078    

Batch 2018-19

Sr. no Group Members Roll No. Topic Supervisors
FEC-1 Hiba Naveed (GL) EC-012 Impact of microfinance on women entrepreneurs in Pakistan Dr.Farhan
Muhammad Hamza Khan EC-045
Hafsa Amin EC-027
FEC-2 Meer Nadir Ali (GL) EC-004  Macro stress testing credit risk: A case of Pakistan’s banking sector Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Saqib Jawed EC-026
Shajia Fatima EC-041
Rohma Moqim EC-042
Ummul Wara EC-052
FEC-3 Saman (GL) EC-002 Revisiting the Marshall-Lerner hypothesis in case of Pakistan Dr.Shahid Iqbal
Maha Ambreen  EC-037
Sana Mehmood Alam  EC-074
Neha Farooq  EC-076
Arooba Tirmizi  EC-030
FEC-4 Bisma Khan (GL) EC-048 Exploring the potential of online banking in Pakistan Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Saniya  EC-011
Anusha  EC-029
Arooba Sami  EC-040
FEC-5 Arfa Laiq  (GL) EC-063 Impact of inflation on standard of living in Pakistan  Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Javeria Zahid  EC-031
Farwa Rauf  EC-056
Nimra Rasheed  EC-057
Fatima Sultana  EC-064
FEC-6 Warda Nadeem (GL) EC-067 Impact of logistic cost on inflation after Covid-19 Dr.Faheem Akhter
Asma Haque  EC-066
Samra Arshad  EC-025
Areeba Rizwan  EC-009
Zainab Soomro  EC-020
FEC-7 Syeda Hazira Batool Naqvi (GL) EC-018 How the trials of the Gig economy have shaped the workforce of Pakistan Dr.Shahid Iqbal
Miasha Ashraf  EC-038
Malahat Abdul Latif  EC-001
Warda Kashif  EC-006
FEC-8 Tamkeen Tanveer Khan  (GL) EC-054 Impact of digital finance on household consumption  Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Mariyam Fatima  EC-050
Salman Jamil  EC-013
Sarah Iftikhar  EC-034
Sheikh Faraz  EC-301
FEC-9 Muhammad Abeer Khan (GL) EC-014 The potential of e-commerce stores for small businesses in Karachi Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Khizzar Rasheed  EC-032
Faiza Ameer  EC-059
Umama Maraj  EC-058
FEC-10 Maria Saleem (GL) EC-068 Determinants of import demand and export supply function of Pakistan Dr. Shahid Iqbal
Rama Kamal  EC-039
Syed Muhammad Abbas Raza  EC-024
Muhammad Umar  EC-019
Abdul Manan Jalbani  EC-005
FEC-11 Syeda Samama Ali (GL) EC-044 Corporate finance decision making in uncertainty crisis Ms. Maham
Rahaima Rais  EC-047
Umm e Kulsoom   EC-049
Syed Mohammad Hamza  EC-071
Syed Wasiq Abbas  EC-073
FEC-12 Arbish Rizwan (GL) EC-033 Factors influencing choice of discipline of study – A case study of NED University of Engineering and Technology Ms. Maham
Kinza Nasir EC-060
Rahat Fatima Warsi EC-035
Irteza Haider EC-075
Eesha Farooqui EC-053
FEC-13 Syed Muhammad Jazib Naqvi (GL) EC-043 The impact of tourism on deficit in balance of payments of Pakistan: An application of bounds testing approach to cointegration Dr. Farhan
Mehdi Haider  EC-065
Syed Muhammad Arif Kazmi  EC-003
Mohtashim Mehmood  EC-055
FEC-14 Muhammad Adil Bhatti (GL) EC-023 Ways to improve trading experience in Pakistan’s financial markets Dr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Samra Irfan  EC-015
Rohma Arif  EC-046
Muneeb Laiq  EC-062
FEC-15 Abdul Jabbar  (GL) EC-007 Political economy of resource allocation and wealth distribution in real estate sector Dr. Shahid Iqbal
Sameer Ilyas  EC-008
Ramsha Ahmed  EC-010
Nofal Vohra  EC-036
Syeda Fasiha Shah  EC-051
FEC-16 Hamna Junaid EC-016 Determining financing need for a new start-up  Dr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Hermain Kashif EC-021
Aarisha Athar EC-022


Batch 2017-18


Roll No. Group Members Company Name FYP Title Internal Supervisor External Supervisor
EC-029 Hafsah Masood IGI Securities / Meezan Bank Financial and Investment Analysis of Meezan Bank Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr. Saad Khan
EC-049 Zobia Khan
EC-024 Tasbiha Ghous
EC-031 Akmal Zaidi
EC-060 Omer Ahmed
EC-023 Ayesha Tasawar SIDC Government of Sindh Economical and Financial aspects of Greenline Project in Karachi. Ms. Maham Fatima Mr. Farhan
EC-053 Laila Fatima
EC-059 Noor ul ain Najia Afridi
EC-301 Noor Murtaza
EC-058 Syed Shaheer Amir
EC-025 Hadiqa Batool New entrepreneurships Relationship between entrepreneurship and economic variables Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed Ms. Zarmeena Khan
EC-015 Samra
EC-052 Murtaza
EC-022 Aleeza
EC-062 Filza Wasti
EC-018 Hamza Akbar Engro Fertilizers Financial  and Investment Analysis of Engro Fertilizers Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed -
EC-054 Muhammed Ahsan Areeb Shaikh
EC-061 Tuba Mujahid
EC-041 Wardha khan
EC-028 Aeilya Zehra
EC-063 Rija Tahir New entrepreneurships Elevation plan for startups and businesses.  Ms. Bariya Faizan Dr. Najeed Ahmed
EC-057 Aqsa Waheed
EC-014 Areej Khalid
EC-016 Mohammed Hadi
EC-043 Mir Muzammil Raza
EC-001 Ghina Sohail - Health Care Financing System: A Case of Public Hospitals of Sindh Mr. Farhan Ahmed -
EC-003 Mariyam Zafar
EC-009 Samreen Hassan
EC-011 Sarah Islam
EC-019 Uffairah Shiraz
EC-046 Masooma Afridi
EC-002 Ruba Mujahid  Trax Logistics Digitalization of payments - A Case of Trax Logistics  Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr. Mohsin Qamar
EC-004 Sasha Khan
EC-005 Aqsa Khan 
EC-006 Ayesha Arif
EC-010 Zarika Riaz 
EC-17020 Tabish Ahmed State Bank of Pakistan Review on SBP vision 2020, a way forward Mr. Farhan Ahmed Mr. Abdul Ghaffar
EC-17032 Syed Ali Raza Taqvi
EC-17036 Hafiz Gul Rehman
EC-17039 Syed Waqar Ali Jafri
EC-17047 Harmain Khawar
EC-051 Syeda Kinza Hassan - Environmental sustainability of Marine Resources and Export promotion of seafood in Pakistan. Dr. Shahid Iqbal Dr. Hira Mujahid
EC-050 Syeda Shanza Hassan
EC-042 Sumera Kalsoom
EC-021 Hiba Shahid
EC-040 Alisha Nasim Universal Cable Work Life Balance and its Impact on firm's productivity case study of Universal Cable Dr. Shahid Iqbal Mr. Gauhar
EC-027 Fatimatuz Zehra
EC-045 Fasiha Roomi
EC-044 Muhammad Anees
EC-056 Sheikh Abdullah 
EC-037 Junaid Hashmi
EC-030 Fatima Saeed Pakistan Stock Exchange Empirical analysis of five factor model on Pakistan Stock Exchange Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr. Hussain Kamran
EC-048 Sadia Gohar
EC-026 Areej Fatima
EC-038 Sumaira Mahnoor
EC-035 Summra Nawaz 

Batch 2016-17

Roll No.

Group Members


Supervisors (Internal-I


EC – 042

EC – 057

EC – 021

EC – 001

EC – 011

EC – 005

Shifa Mustafa

Muhammad Uzair Arain

Aiman Zaheer

Maria Liaquat

Samrah Asif

Sadia Munir

Predictability of policy rate through KIBOR



Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Dr. Farrukh (I)

Mohsin Azam Khan (E)

EC – 065

EC – 049

EC – 055

EC – 014

EC – 008

EC – 022

Sadan Khan

Faizan Raza

Mohammad Raza

Maria Taj

Syeda Hibba Zehra

Afia Ashraf

A venture from site to shelf



Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Ms. Bariya Faizan (I)

EC – 019

EC – 009

EC – 007

EC – 071

EC – 047

EC – 031

Ayesha Ahmed

Aatika Israr

Amna Ahmed

Azmat Alee Phulpoto

M. Kumail

Tunjeena Badar

Role Of MNCs For Sustainable Business Growth With The Challenges Of Environmental And Cultural Change




Dr. M Shahid Iqbal (I)

Khurram Ali Mubashir (E)

EC – 066

EC – 072

EC – 050

EC – 053

EC – 046

Faizan Ul Hassan

M Shahrukh Mishraz

Syed Jari Haider

Syed Fasih Haider

M Junaid Khan


Labor market contribution in Construction Industry: An Informal Economy Perspective


Dr. M Shahid Iqbal (I)

Dr. Farooq Pasha (E)

EC – 013

EC – 015

EC – 002

EC – 075

EC – 058

EC – 016

Gohar Jamal

Mahnoor Aftab

Hareem Moin

Yameena Baig

Abdullah Khan

Mahnoor Ikram


Identifying The Best Practice Models to Develop Potential Entrepreneurs


Farhan Ahmed (I)

Faheem Bukhari (E)

EC – 038

EC – 037

EC – 039

EC – 032

EC – 070

EC – 061

Aniqa Masood

Nadia Iqbal

Afreen Kamal

Nousheen Yousuf

Mushtaq Mir

Muhammad Zubair

Challenges and opportunities for Fintech startups in Pakistan



Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Ms. Barriya (E)

EC – 044

EC – 048

EC – 034

EC – 073

Muhammad Azhar Khan

M Ibtehaj Khan

Sadaf Nadeem

Samreen Amjad


Formation of Islamic Monetary Union to Overcome Dollar Supremacy


Farhan Ahmed (I)

Maryam Zehra (I)

EC – 020

EC – 041

EC – 028

EC – 012

EC – 068

EC – 045

Sidra Afroz

Usra Ali

Sana Zehra

Zarish Zahid

Mesum Pervaiz

Syed M Bilal Jaffar


Ship Breaking Financing in Pakistan




Farhan Ahmed (I)

Maham Fatima (I)

EC – 018

EC – 025

EC – 003

EC – 035

EC – 006

Zara Naveed

Tooba Junaid

Tuba Abbasi

Hafsa Afreen

Maheen Rafi


Financial literacy among women under NFLP (National Financial Literacy Program) of State Bank of Pakistan



Farhan Ahmed (I)

Ms. Shehla (E)

EC – 063

EC – 023

EC – 017

EC – 029

EC – 062

EC – 027

Fahad Ahmed Siddiqui

Duaa Ahmed

Maria Khan

Atrooba Akhtar

Ahsan Abbas

Syeda Neha Imam


Current Account and Public Debt Prospects In Pakistan




Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Numair Ahmed (I)

Mohsin Azam Khan (E)

EC – 036

EC – 004

EC – 040

EC – 010

EC – 052

Laiba Rizwan Khan

Mahzaib Saeed

Sidra Arif

Syeda Rida Fatima

Solat Abbas



Real Estate Dynamics in Pakistan



Farhan Ahmed (I)

Shafique Ahmed (E)

EC – 067

EC – 074

EC – 033

EC – 026

Syed Jawad Ali

Rafia Memon

Hafsa Saleem

Atika Aslam

Scope & Implications of Block Chain, Digitalization and Fintech In Emerging Markets Of Pakistan



Farhan Ahmed (I)

Afzal Ahmed (E)


EC – 024

EC – 030

EC – 043

EC – 051

EC – 064

EC – 054

Aruba Khan

Adeeba Azeem

Kanza Najam

Zain Naqvi

Moosa Taqvi

Meesum Rizvi



Financial & Economic Impacts of Transit Trade shifting from Karachi to Gawadar



Dr. M Shahid Iqbal (I)

Batch 2015-16

Group Names Project Title Company Supervisor (Internal =I, External=E)
Syed Asad Abbas (Leader) Integrated Supply Chain in SSGC meter plant SSGC Dr. Wasif (I) 
Mehroz Mirza  Muhammad Fahad (  E)
Umme Kulsoom  
Muhammad Ubaid (Leader) Challenges and Opportunities in Petroleum Logistics:A Case Study of  Laguardia Logistics Laguardia Logistics Mr.Faizan  Ahmed(I) 
Hamza Tahir Mr. Arshan ( E)
Rubab Khan  
Misbah Hasan  
Muzaffar Hussain (Leader) Challenges of procurement at SSGC, developing new strategies SSGC Dr. Mehmood Hasan (I)
Sarswati Kumari Mr. Ozair Qazi ( E   )
Akhtiar Alee  
Ali Akhtar  
Ali Mustafa  
Romana Syed (Leader) Development and implementation of  Procurement SOPs Afroze Textile Ltd. Dr. Mehmood Hasan (I)
Fatima Fayyaz Kashif Zaman (E )
Summaiya Anwar  
Aleena Khan  
Ghulam Mujtaba  
Niha Siddiqui (Leader) Forecasting of stock retutn and volatility of cement sector PSX Mr.Faizan  Ahmed(I) 
Amna Tanveer Khan
Maria Aslam
Muhammad Areeb
Hafsa Sohail (Leader)   Novartis Pharma Mr. Faizan Ahmed(I)
Zahra Irshad Dr.Rafique (E )
Aemon Rahman  
Taha Akhtar  
Muhammad Moeed (Leader) Optimization of parking space and material storage controlling by re-layouting plant structure or building Hino Pak Motors Ltd Dr. Mehmood Hasan (I)
Hammad Hussain Soharwardy Mr.Tariq Haleem (  E)
Abdul Wahab  
Neeha Bin-te-Hasan  
Fizza Arif (Leader) Inventory management through lean Six sigma approach Al Karam Textiles Dr.Raza Ali Khan (I)
Syeda Faryal Rizvi Shoaib Alim (E  )
Fatima Hasan  
Saira Noor  
Areesha Hussain (Leader) Green Marketing Novartis Pharma Mr. Faizan Ahmed(I)
Sana Afsar Khan Usman Qureshi ( E) 
Nizrah Moin  
Neha Tahir



Final Year Projects (FYP) of BS - Management Sciences

Batch 2019-20

Group No Name of Students Roll No. Title on Final Report Supervisor Co Supervisor
MG_1 Neelam Kumari MG-19001 Impact of CSR on Organizational Performance with moderating effect of Corporate Reputation Dr.Hina Mubeen Ms.Syeda Zuimah Wasim
  Syeda Tooba Hashmi MG-19016    
  Bushra Qurban MG-19305  


  Ali Mehmood MG-17302    
MG_2 Ilsa Imran MG-19003 Spatial and Temporal Management of Storage in Yunus Textile Mill. Dr.Raza Ali Khan Mr.Adnan Khalil
  Syed Noor Ul Qadr MG-19022    
  M.Hammad Siddiqui MG-19032    
  M. Faizan ul Haq MG-19054    
MG_3 Sharmeen Ahmer MG-19004 Issues in inventory management of raw material Dr.Farhan  
  Haseeb Deedar Hussain MG-19028    
  M. Hammad Arif MG-19034    
  Syed Shamaiem Jamil MG-19059    
MG_4 Ruhaab Malik MG-19035 The Impact of 360 Supply Chain Integration on Overall Performance of an organization Dr.Mirza Faizan Ms.Jaweriya Naz
  Ayesha Azmat MG-19005    
  Javeria Haider  MG-19008    
  Laiba Siddiqui MG-19013    
MG_5 Iqra Waheed MG-19006 Consumer Behavior Evaluation using Neuromarketing Techniques in social media & Advertisement. Dr.Farhan Ms.Syeda Zuimah Wasim
  M.Umer MG-19025    
  Syed Hussain Raza MG-19053    
  Kinza Shaikh MG-19071    
MG_6 Rimla Zaman MG-19007 Determinants of Impulsive Buying Behaviour in the Context of Pakistani Supermarkets Dr.Faheem Akhter Ms.Syeda Zuimah Wasim
  Misbah Haider MG-19021    
  Jibran Ahmed MG-19029    
MG_7 Mina Khawaja MG-19064 Analysis of Job Specification and Curriculum Management and Business Graduates Dr.Mirza Faizan Dr.Hina Mubeen
  Bilal Tariq MG-19033    
  Afreen Zafar MG-19010    
  Narmeen Zafar MG-19037    
MG_8 Syeda Nimra Rehman MG-19017 Managing the inventory management issues while adopting green supply Chain.  Dr.Faheem Akhter Mr.Adnan Khalil
  Fartashia Sheikh MG-19012    
  Isma Fatima MG-19011    
  Sultan Saleem MG-19062    
MG_9 Syeda Hania Ayaz MG-19014 Impact of Advertising Appeal on Consumer Buying Behavior Dr.Hina Mubeen Ms. Jaweriya Naz
  Zobia Fatima MG-19018    
  Prena Kumari MG-19020    
  Asad Ali MG-19069    
MG_10 Wanya Khalid MG-19019 The study and analysis of sustainable practices of OMC's - The global initiative of Shell Pakistan Dr.Raza Ali Khan Mr.Adnan Khalil
  Urooba Hashim MG-19044    
  Sumaiya Khalid MG-19046    
  Bisma Habib MG-19048    
MG_11 Daniyal Khurram MG-19063 Effective use of Social media Marketing on Consumer Buying Behavior in context of Restaurant Business. Dr.Raza Ali Khan Ms. Syeda Zuimah Wasim
  Noor Ul Hussain MG-19026    
  Anas Izhar MG-19027    
  Shifa Waseem MG-19301    
MG_12 Radiyah Moiz MG-19068 Role of Information Tech. in supply Chain Management. Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Mr.Adnan Khalil
  Maham Zehra MG-19036    
  M. Ameen Ul Haque MG-19057    
  Jam Naeem Ali MG-19302    
MG_13 Horain Saleem MG-19066 The Impact of Supply Chain Management Practices on the overall Performance (Pak Oxygen Ltd). Dr.Hina Mubeen Mr.Adnan Khalil
  Syed Daniyal Ali MG-19060    
  BiBi Areej MG-19038    
  Syed Obaid Abbas MG-19061    
MG_14 Warisha Khan MG-19040 Role of ML-1 In Supply Chain System of Textile Industry Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Dr.Farhan
  Tayyaba Izhar MG-19039    
  Vijay Kumar MG-19304    
MG_15 Maryam Ejaz MG-19041 Issues in the Healthcare Supply Chain Management Dr.Farhan  
  Tehreem Mateen MG-19070    
  Love Kumar MG-19303    
MG_16 Darakhshan Nigar MG-19065 Consumer Decision Marking In Conventional Banks and Islamic Banks based on Quality of Service. Dr.Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Ms.Jaweriya Naz
  Aleeza Fatima MG-19045    
  Rubab Fatima MG-19047    
  Haseeb Yousuf MG-19052    

Batch 2018-19

Sr. no Group Members Roll No. Topic Supervisors
FMG-1 Naba Hussain (GL) MG-068 Prospects for sustainable procurement practices – A case of Martin Dow Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Yusra Iqbal  MG-023
Ahsan Altaf  MG-021
Hasnain Rizvi  MG-017
FMG-2 Urwah Mansoor (GL) MG-071 Relationship between Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance: An investigation on the economic benefits of retail businesses from consumer perspective Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Anem Ali  MG-042
Saleha Mairaj  MG-070
Nuzaifa Zaim  MG-043
FMG-3 Hamza Ahmed Sheikh (GL) MG-075 Research and marketing strategies for the relaunch of Chicky Meal Dr.Faheem Akhter
Sana Ahmed  MG-061
Zara Nadeem Sheikh  MG-063
Unsia Shafique  MG-074 
FMG-4 Syed Muhammad Wasif (GL) MG-044 Analysing the supplier’s reliability and lead time of manufacturing firm Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali  MG-066
Amna Farooq  MG-024
Yusra Aftab  MG-037
FMG-5 Yasaarat Tariq (GL) MG-060 The impact of social media marketing on consumer behaviour Dr.Hina Mubeen
Alizah Rizvi  MG-062
Hareem Khalid MG-013
Sarah Hanif MG-012
FMG-6 Midhat Fatima (GL) MG-027 The impact of advertising on consumer behaviour: A study on Pakistan’s fashion industry Dr.Faheem Akhter
Sara Binte Sarfaraz MG-010
Rahema Shoaib Khan MG-064
Bilal Hameed MG-016
FMG-7 Zarsha Bin Zarhan (GL) MG-040 ABC classification of suppliers and materials – A case of Tri-Pack films FAI
Najaf Fatima  MG-072
Manahil Sajjad  MG-004
Afia Shahid  MG-052
FMG-8 Arfa Saeed (GL) MG-003 Sustainable supply chain practices in Textile sector: A case of Yunus Textile Mills Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Jawad Mehmood  MG-011
Syed Ousaf Ahmed  MG-053
Ghazal Shabbir  MG-058
FMG-9 Muskaan Shahbaz (GL) MG-055 The possible wats of e-billing and its acceptability in customers – A case of SSGC Dr.Mirza Faizan Ahmed
Rimsha Ahmed  MG-045
Zaima Rafiq  MG-051
Nimra Manzor  MG-054
FMG-10 Maham Haider (GL) MG-035 Prevalent determinants of customer satisfaction from the lens of online shopping – A study of apparel sector of Pakistan Dr.Hina Mubeen
Sameen Abdul Samad  MG-001
Areeba Afzal  MG-041
Zonera Raza Khan  MG-302
FMG-11 Afnan Siddiqui (GL) MG-030 Customer Return Rate In E-commerce Industry – A case of Scents n Secrets FAI
Ali Ahmed  MG-002
Hira Arif  MG-073
Nameera Zulfiqar  MG-056
FMG-12 Kashaf Naseem (GL) MG-031 Supply Chain Efficiency in Packaging Industry Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Iqra Farooq  MG-033
Javeria Iqbal  MG-059
Syeda Fatima  MG-057
FMG-13 Ramsha Amir (GL) MG-007 Impact of green marketing on brands and consumer behaviour Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Zainab Imtiaz  MG-015
Sajjal Khatri  MG-029
Aleena Rizwan  MG-032
FMG-14 Madheea Afroz (GL) MG-014 End to end optimization of supply chain processes using CPFR industry 4.0 Dr.Raza Ali Khan
Rooma Faheem  MG-026
Dua Ashraf  MG-065
Aqsa Hareem  MG-008
FMG-15 Asfa Ejaz (GL) MG-006 Scope and challenges in sustainable logistic practices in aviation industry: A case study of SereneAir FAI
Urwah Batool  MG-034
Sadiya Asghar  MG-047
Zubia Seher  MG-048

Batch 2017-18

Roll No. Group Members Name  Company Name  Project Title Internal Supervisor External Supervisor
MG-051 Muhammad Hamza Jaffer Agro System Pvt. Ltd. Challenges of Inventory Management Dr. Raza Ali Khan Mr. Samir
MG-015 Areeba Shakeel
MG-023 Ayesha Zakir
MG-031 Sundas Ali
MG-032 Omna Ajmeri
MG-039 Khulood Afaq SSGC Transformation of conventional inventory management into just in time - A Case of meter manufacturing in SSGC Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed Mr. Fahad
MG-033 Ayesha Abdul Rehman
MG-017 Kashaf Kanwal
MG-035 Marzia Fatima
MG-068 Ikhlaq Ahmed
MG-059 Abdul Moiz Shahid  Dippit Sauces  Wastage Analysis of Raw Material,Packaging Material &On Floor Wastages  Dr. Raza Ali Khan Mr. Ubaid
MG-05 Ariba Muzaffar 
MG-028 Shamaim Islam 
MG-034 Wadiya Uzair 
MG-059 Mohammad Areeb Kazmi 
MG-063 Hamd Saeed Toyota Indus Motor limited Reduce Inventory levels and effective space utilization in Warehouse for local part suppliers through lean tools and techniques Ms. Maham Fatima Mr. Shahzad San
MG-062 Taha Raza
MG-009 Imaan Yusuf
MG-024 Reemal Sarfaraz
MG-014 Ashna Yasmeen
MG-016 Filza Samar Trax Logistics Supply Chain Automation - A Case of Traxx Logistics Mr. Mirza Faizan Ahmed /
Mr. Shabbir Ahmed
Mr. Mohsin
MG-018 Syeda Sidra Navaid
MG-020 Arhama Zafar
MG-030 Maryam Shabbir
MG-037 Ramsha Athar Khan
MG-065 Faqir Ahmed
MG-055 Muneeb Javaid A-One Techniques Pvt. Ltd Industrial Integrated Management Systems Ms. Faiza Jahangir Mr. Muhammad Anas Khan
MG-064 Uzman Ahmed
MG-049 Hasan Ali Kazim
MG-053 Muhammad Ibrahim
MG-067 Ashar Hashmi
MG-038 Urooba Hussaini Pakola Quality control and reduce inventory, warehousing and manage cash flow.  Ms. Faiza Jahangir Mr. Haqqani
MG-026 Samrah Nehal
MG-027 Aliza Abbasi
MG-008 Ansa Faheem
MG-10 Laiba Qayam
MG-301 Masroor Ahmed
MG-022 Hafsa Mazhar Unilever Pakistan Changing the basic food trend in Pakistan (Knorr Noodles) Ms. Bariya Faizan Mr. Saqib
MG-056 Syed Zafar Haider
MG-019 Khushbukht Shuja
MG-054 Syed Taimoor Razi
MG-011 Wafa Ahmed Khan 
MG-025 Mahnoor Afaq Startup First cosmetic online promotional digital platform Ms. Bariya Faizan Mr. Saqib
MG-036 Aleena Nadeem
MG-007 Feeha Saeed
MG-006 Mahnoor Khan
MG-013 Zoha Nadeem Baig
MG-070 Alishbah Shahid
MG-040 Maham jameel Unilever Pakistan Development of channel for wedding/events (Magnum by Unilever)  Ms. Bariya Faizan Mr. Saqib Pervaiz
MG-021 Anoosha Sheikh 
MG-047 Ahmed Alam
MG-029 Areeba Aslam
MG-052 Meesum Abbas
MG-057 M Immad Uddin Startup Startup as Digital Marketing Agency Ms. Bariya Faizan -
MG-042 Unaiza Fatima
MG-61 Hassan Mansoor

Batch 2016-17

Roll No.

Group Members


Adviser (Internal-I







Kainaat Saleem

Hareem Baig

Hareem Waqar

Harum Aijaz

Simra Akhtar

Loss management in supply chain – Case of Novartis Pharma

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Mr. Farhan (E)





Ramsha Amjad

Durshina Khan

Iqra Akbar

Muhammad Adil

Interdependence and its impact on large business groups in Pakistan

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Dr. Ali Choudhry (E)





Muhammad Umer Siddiqui

Syed Safi Ahmed

Syed Muhammad Hasnain

Syed Sabir Shah

Multi-unit selective inventory control in three dimensions – Case of Midas Safety Inc.

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Mr. Numair (I)

Mr. Saddan (E)







Marium Najaf

Muntaha Saleem

Areeba Raza

Farina Shah

Tooba Zahoor

Tiles market sizing, growth rates, and market share

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Mr. Masood Jaffery (E)






Aqsa Anjum

Tooba Jamal

Wasma Mujahid

Saba Abbas

Yamama Kamran

Integrating inventory management – Case of Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Ltd.

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Mr. Khurrum (E)





Noureen Vadsaria

Dua Zehra

Anusha Khan

Neha Saleem

Digitization in the pharmaceutical marketing – Case of Novartis Pharma

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Dr. Syed Rafique Ahmed (E)







Iqra Yaseen

Aisha Nisar

Anosha Ahmed


Hafiz Syed Ali

Muhammad Khalid Bin Tipu

Study on the possibilities of paperless warehousing in Imtiaz Super Market

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Ms. Maham (I)

Mr. Ghulam Mustafa (E)






Shaikh Aqsa Rizwan



Shazia Khan

Momina Rehman

Impact of compliance freight on environmentally sustainable energy supply in Pakistan – Case of PSO

Dr. Raza Ali Khan (I)






Sibtain Ali

Muhammad Arsalan Hafeez

Zubair Ahmed

Syeda Kanza

CPEC and logistics industry outlook of Pakistan

Mirza Faizan Ahmed (I)

Dr. Farrukh (I)

Batch 2014-15 

Roll No. Group Members Project Title Company Internal Advisors
MG-002 Attaf Sheikh

Product life Cycle Study 
Concept to Retail Shelf


Gul Ahmed Dr. Sheheryar
MG-008 Aqsa Younus
MG-011 Mustahibah Masroon

Ms. Sadia Majeed

MG-022 Fatima-Tuz-Zehra
MG-007 Hira Saleem To Study Materials Flow & Implement FIFO in Warehouse. Al-Karam Dr. Mehmood
MG-009 Maryam Fatima
MG-029 Tashfah Tauqir Ms. Sadia Majeed
MG-046 Nawal Khan
MG-040 Sarah Tanveer Lean warehousing Management. OBS Dr. Mehmood
MG-017 Urooj Naqvi
MG-031 Hajera Dr. Anis Fatima
MG-049 Yumna Maryam
MG-005 Ansiya Khanum Application of Supply Chain Management. Junaid Jamshed Dr. Mehmood
MG-026 Ayesha Ali
MG-021 Bushra Rizwan Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
MG-047 Sana Fatima
MG-018 Muhammad Ayub Shifting of Sub Assembly area to PCL area (Design of new Sub Assembly area & Supply Mechanism of Assembled Part to Main Assembly line) Indus Motors Co. Dr. Mehmood
MG-034 Fariz-Ul-Hassan
MG-045 Syeda Sarah Arshad Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
MG-019 M. Salman Marfani
MG-035 Shazmina Abrar Analysis of Service quality in QEC NED.   Dr. M. Wasif
MG-048 Fatima Hasan
MG-001 Abdul Latif Mr. Ali Zulqarnain
MG-016 Zubair Azhar
MG-004 Nisa Batool Brand Image  and equity Study Gul Ahmed Ms. Asma Syed
MG-030 Maria Batool
MG-044 Usama Ali Khan
MG-014 Hamza Malik
MG-024 Javeria Riaz Khan To develop an Organizational Culture of local tech companies. Love for Data Dr. Anis Fatima
MG-013 Tooba Ejaz
MG-041 Shan Ali Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
MG-027 Taha Khan Jamali
MG-020 S. M. Dilawar Abbas Application of Lean Manufacturing techniques / Principles in order to save logistics/ rack storage spaca for new model introduction. Indus Motors Co. Dr. Mehmood
MG-033 Fatima Mazher
MG-023 Abdullah Talat Ms. Sadia Majeed
MG-043 Muhammad Ali Shahid
MG-038 Haider Abbas Super Compect Warehousing (Robotic Warehousing, Horizontal to vertical Warehousing) Auvitronics Dr. Shakeel
MG-003 Muhammad Mudassir
MG-028 Sabahat Shahnawaz Ms. Javeria
MG-037 Rabika Rafiq