BS - Economics & Finance

Mission of the Programme

To develop professionals with a strong base in economics and finance empowered with an integrated knowledge of both disciplines.



In the wake of globalization, economic integration and competition, only those individuals can hold positions of responsibility that have the capacity to analyze complex problems and make intelligent decisions. The BS Economics and Finance program helps students to think logically and improve their ability to use economic and financial concepts to analyze “real world” problems and opportunities. This is a unique program that emphasizes a qualitative and quantitative approach to dealing with economic and financial problems in both the public and private sectors.


Programme objectives

The main objective of the program is to develop knowledge and skills of the participants. This program has been designed for students who, after completing high school, are looking for some knowledge based, career oriented, and market driven educational program that would lead to worthwhile careers. The program allows students to pursue advanced study in their individual areas of interest like economics and finance. The extensive quantitative part of the program intends to develop strong quantitative, analytical, and research skills – the hallmark of decision sciences.

BS - Management Sciences

Mission of the Programme

The mission of the programme is ‘to equip students with managerial and analytical skills and provide them a basis for learning of the management and scientific knowledge required for analysis, improvement and management of integrated systems of people, material and equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity in the public and private sectors of the country along with meeting social responsibility in the face of national and global challenges.’


Programme objectives

The objectives of the undergraduate program in Management Sciences is to provide students with the fundamentals of management systems analysis so that they are able to plan, design, and implement complex economic and technical management systems. Students may select courses in computer science, information, organizational theory, mathematical modelling, optimization, probability, statistics and finance or production. To allow for greater in-depth exploration in a particular area, students then choose an area specialization.

1- Management science focuses on the design and administration of complex systems.

2- This programme focuses to investigate a wide range of strategic and logistical problems.

3- Management science provides a systematic approach to strategic and logistical problems using quantitative tools and qualitative methods that assess the human and social dimensions of these issues.

4- Management science techniques account for real world complications and constraints in an effort to provide sound, viable solutions to managerial problems. The result is often a substantial savings of time, money, and resources.